Internship with KKP – Claudia & Carolina

We arrived in Kraków for our internship at KKP at the end of March.  There was great enthusiasm for starting this new chapter in our work and in our personal life.  Being a part of some of the company's work truly excited us.

The first play was "Much Ado About Nothing" and we had difficult challenges.  The first of them was to arrange masks for the party scene.  There were six masks, in total, including one for a wedding scene.  We improved the five original masks that were used by soldiers in the party scene.  It was straightforward to remove the fabric they had and then glue and reattach them using sticking tape.  It left a much improved finish and was more professional.

In addition, a mask was required for the wedding scene so we bought a new mask and we glued guipur on it.  Eye slots were needed and we added a fabric that covered the mouth.  Sewing on flowers of guipur added a more structured aspect to it.  Finally, we added ornamental ribbon.

There was no budget available for costume so we advised the actors about their costumes and made some changes.  For example, the character of Beatrice was originally in ripped jeans for the entire play!  We decided to put her in a dress for the second act.  It led to a major transformation for the actress playing Beatrice!  A white satin belt along with a few flowers of guipur made Hero's costume look more like a wedding.  A new actress was playing Verges, so we had her wear cool/trendy costumes, such as a skirt with a long opening and sexy stockings.  She provoked quite a big reaction!

A week later we were organizing the next play, "Tram 23:11".  In it the first thing was to organize the costumes of each of the characters.  We chose the best that suited them and sent emails asking the actors to find something similar in their own wardrobe.  We were successful with everyone except with the character of Wings, since we wanted the total white character and had no clothes for it.  It was still in black suit that turned out to be an equally very good choice.

As well as the costumes we also took care of the props.  Among them, a cinema ticket for the character Dorota, and a graphic novel (comic!) for Luca.

Once finished the process of organizing the play "Tram 23:11" was held on 22 and 23 April, being a success and receiving many applause (and tears) from the public.

It has been a pleasure to participate in these two plays and to be a part of KKP.  It has given us the opportunity to see theatrr from the other side and we have lived with the actors through the day to day process.  We are delighted to have one more month to continue participating from within in creating something as beautiful as the current theatre.

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